It's 11PM. Do you know where your validators are?

Tokens representing staked ether create a liquid secondary market for Ethereum Validators, but they come with risks.

  • Who is custodying the withdrawal keys?

  • Who is running the nodes?

  • What data centre are they running in?

  • What clients are they running?

Using ERC20s to represent a pool of staked ether exposes you to risks from every node operator in the pool. Paying operators proportional to the amount of ether they stake creates an incentive model to drive down operating costs and potentially safety margins to maximise revenue.

So what are we supposed to do about this?

Validator NFTs is an effort to tokenise individual Ethereum validators as standalone NFTs, rather than as an aggregated ERC20 token. NFTs are a more solid base on-chain asset from which to build up staked ether derivatives.

If you want to build a diverse portfolio of Validators hedging across clients and providers? With Validator NFTs you can.

If you want to compose a basket of high quality validators into a tokenisable pool? With Validator NFTs you can.

Who controls these validators?

Kyne Software works with expert custodians and professional staking firms to produce these NFTs.

The owner of these NFTs can either sell them on the secondary market or redeem them for their earned rewards minus operating fees from our custodian. Our custodians are registered in the USA and comply with all KYC & AML regulations applicable, as such, these assets are not suitable for persons from sanctioned countries or sanctioned business entities. For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

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